Mr. Pribonic has built his reputation on his engineering expertise and experience.  Beginning his career designing heavy equipment in the steel and oil industries, he gained vast experience in machine design and equipment durability.  Upon being recruited by the Walt Disney Co. as Manager of Engineering at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA., he brought his knowledge of machinery to the Amusement Industry.  Using his foundation in heavy industry, he broadened his knowledge and applied his skills to designing highly safe and reliable equipment.

Using his expertise, he has designed a wide variety of amusement ride equipment, ride modifications and several unique devices such as frictionless, passive magnetic braking systems, restraint position indicators, zip line brakes and controlled locking seat belts.

Mr. Pribonic has been retained to evaluate designs for manufacturers, and frequently retrained to have rides and device certified for sale and use in various states.  He also provides continuing education services to California DOSH, Amusement Ride and Tramway Unit, training state inspectors.

He is often retained by insurance companies to evaluate damage to amusement rides and facilities following accidents or natural disasters.  He worked extensively providing inspections and loss estimates at east coast parks following hurricane Sandy in 2012. His expertise has been recognized around the world and Mr. Pribonic has worked on projects in Europe, Asia, the Caribbean and the South Pacific.


Mr. Pribonic has provided safety inspections and facilities inspections to waterparks for many years.  He has also provided engineering services to waterslide manufacturers, waterpark hurricane damage evaluations to insurance companies, and injury causation analysis to attorneys regarding water slides, wave pools and other water play equipment. He has significant experience in the design and maintenance of water supply and control systems.



Inflatable devices have become very popular, and are being manufactured in ever more imaginative and complex configurations. The safety of these devices must be carefully planned during the design process in order to accomplish this.  State amusement inspection agencies are also commonly requiring manufacturers and owners to comply with all current ASTM standards.

Mr. Pribonic was instrumental in developing the first ASTM standard for inflatable devices and continues working with new versions of the standard.  He works frequently with inflatable manufacturers as well as owner/operators on issues of design, operation and maintenance.  His experience with inflatables has made him an expert and he is often consulted by various State amusement officials on issues of safety and standards compliance.

Go Karts


Although they have been around for generations as personal recreational vehicles, Go Karts are now a paid form of entertainment.  In the transition, they have become, faster and more powerful, and have gone from single riders to multiple riders.  There are now several categories of Go Karts recognized by various organizations. As with all amusement rides and devices, Go Karts require great diligence in their design, manufacture, operation and maintenance.  In addition, the grounds, track and support facilities must specifically meet the requirements of the Go Kart operation.  Especially important is the use of proper track barriers and kart control systems. Mr. Pribonic has worked with kart manufacturers, and owner / operators on various engineering and safety issues