Safety is claimed to be the number one goal of all amusement parks and ride manufacturers, and it should be. Most amusement rides are massive mechanical machines that can be very dangerous if not properly designed, operated and maintained.

For any ride to be as safe as possible, safety must be the first priority beginning with its design. Design and manufacturing standards for amusement rides exist in the U.S. and around the world. These standards are considered the “minimum” level of care for such devices. Although standards exist, compliance by manufacturers is often inconsistent and incomplete. Owners and operators that purchase rides often rely on the word of the manufacturer, or its reputation, or that there have been relatively few reported accidents to “prove” that the ride is safe, or in compliance with standards.

Mr. Pribonic has the expertise to assist manufacturers in the compliance with standards, or with owners to evaluate rides prior to purchase. He very frequently is called upon to apply this expertise subsequent to unfortunate failures of equipment or operations, to determine the root cause of such events.

The best approach to safety is to identify and address operational and safety concerns as a normal component of a parks operating procedures, in an effort to maximize the safety of guests.